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May 10, 2014

This feature is present in Synology File Manager. It is a handy way to request files from group of people than asking them to go to site and upload and send you the link. Here is the process.

Create a folder on your account.
Right click and select "Request file"
A pop up option box will appear for you to configure the page that will appear on user such as add some messages or instructions to user what this page is for and what should they upload
After pressing OK, The url will be copied to clipboard and ready to be shared. An option to enter email address would be an additional convenience

All files uploaded on that page goes to the folder where you create the file request url

This process is a lot more convenient than you asking everyone to upload on the site and send you links to the uploaded files. Not to mention that sometimes, it ends up you uploading again the files so that you have it on your account.

Makes a lot of sense for me.

Anyone else agree?