PROFtpD at Ubuntu Not working


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Jul 1, 2015
I did

sudo apt-get install proftpd-basic proftpd-mod-mysql
sudo update-rc.d proftpd defaults

then setuped this /etc/proftpd.conf

# This is the ProFTPD configuration file
# See:

# Server Config - config used for anything outside a <VirtualHost> or <Global> context
# See:

ServerName ""
ServerIdent on "FTP Server ready."
ServerAdmin [email protected]
DefaultServer on

DefaultRoot ~

# Don't do reverse DNS lookups (hangs on DNS problems)
UseReverseDNS off

# Set the user and group that the server runs as
User nobody
Group nobody

# To prevent DoS attacks, set the maximum number of child processes
# to 20. If you need to allow more than 20 concurrent connections
# at once, simply increase this value. Note that this ONLY works
# in standalone mode; in inetd mode you should use an inetd server
# that allows you to limit maximum number of processes per service
# (such as xinetd)
MaxInstances 20

# Disable sendfile by default since it breaks displaying the download speeds in
# ftptop and ftpwho
UseSendfile off

# Define the log formats
LogFormat default "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b"
LogFormat auth "%v [%P] %h %t \"%r\" %s"

# Dynamic ban lists (
# Enable this with PROFTPD_OPTIONS=-DDYNAMIC_BAN_LISTS in /etc/sysconfig/proftpd
LoadModule mod_ban.c
BanEngine on
BanLog /var/log/proftpd/ban.log
BanTable /var/run/proftpd/

# If the same client reaches the MaxLoginAttempts limit 2 times
# within 10 minutes, automatically add a ban for that client that
# will expire after one hour.
BanOnEvent MaxLoginAttempts 2/00:10:00 01:00:00

# Allow the FTP admin to manually add/remove bans
BanControlsACLs all allow user ftpadm

# Global Config - config common to Server Config and all virtual hosts
# See:

# Umask 022 is a good standard umask to prevent new dirs and files
# from being group and world writable
Umask 022

# Allow users to overwrite files and change permissions
AllowOverwrite yes


LoadModule mod_sql.c
LoadModule mod_sql_mysql.c

# The passwords in MySQL are encrypted using CRYPT
SQLAuthTypes OpenSSL Crypt
SQLAuthenticate users groups


# Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "usertable"
# we want it to interact with. Match the names with those in the db
SQLUserInfo plugin_ftp_proftpd_user user_id passwd uid gid home_dir shell

# Here we tell ProFTPd the names of the database columns in the "grouptable"
# we want it to interact with. Again the names match with those in the db
SQLGroupInfo plugin_ftp_proftpd_group group_name gid members

# set min UID and GID - otherwise these are 999 each
SQLMinID 500

# Update count every time user logs in
SQLLog PASS updatecount
SQLNamedQuery updatecount UPDATE "count=count+1, accessed=now() WHERE user_id='%u'" plugin_ftp_proftpd_user

# Update modified everytime user uploads or deletes a file
SQLLog STOR,DELE modified
SQLNamedQuery modified UPDATE "modified=now() WHERE user_id='%u'" plugin_ftp_proftpd_user

SqlLogFile /var/log/proftpd/sql.log

RootLogin off
RequireValidShell off

# auto create home
CreateHome on 711
1. How do I create SQL DB user and pass and the DB at Ubuntu? or What is my Default?

2. What is my default User ID and Password for ProFTPD here? is they have all permissions?

3. How do I care more users and give they permissions?