Searching by the custom defined licenses

May 5, 2012
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
Aside from editing a license, I would also like a user to be able to search by the license.

Like, I would probably set-up my custom licenses list like this:

Public Domain (Absolutely Free)
Free (Free as long as autor/artist allows it)
Freeware: Personal Use (OFL, GPL, Proprietary, etc.)
Freeware: Personal Use, No Derivatives (OFL, GPL, Proprietary, etc.)
Freeware: Personal Use, No Derivatives, No Redistribution (Exclusive)
Freeware: Commercial Use OK (OFL, GPL, Proprietary, etc.)
Freeware: Commercial Use OK, No Derivatives (OFL, GPL, Proprietary, etc.)
Freeware: Commercial Use OK, No Derivatives, No Redistribution (Exclusive)
Linkware (Link back to use it)
Donationware (If you life it send what you want $/beer/postcard/etc.)
Shareware (If you like it, send priced $)
Demo (If you like it get the real font, send $ and you get font that's not crippled)

But any user could sort it out how he wants. That's just an example I would think about using.

Now, it would obviously be tough to set the licenses on each font individually. Right now, they are listed with a license (although a majority of them are just plain wrong). So each font's license would over ride anything from a font foundry. But as certain font foundries happen to stick to a certain license, assigning a default umbrella license to each font foundry or artist would help. Or, having a way to update multiple fonts at one time for a specific license would work, too.

But I would like to get a font foundry/artist profile, as well. So that a description with default info and links could be provided above the foundry/artist's collection of fonts available.

Maybe I should start a new RFC for that last paragraph? I'll do that, because there is an easy explanation as to why...

Thanks! Love it.