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MFScripts June 2015 Newsletter - YetiShare v4.1, Reservo and Web Dav Plugin

MFScripts June 2015 Newsletter - YetiShare v4.1, Reservo and Web Dav Plugin

By Adam posted on 23rd June 2015


We've been locked away coding at MFScripts and there's some exciting releases coming in the next few weeks we want to tell you about.

YetiShare - File Hosting Script Version 4.1

First and foremost, I would like to update you on the progress of the upcoming release of YetiShare. Version 4.1 of our YetiShare script has been in development for some time now and I am pleased to inform you that the release date is set for Wednesday 15th July 2015.

There's lots of new features coming in this release, here's just a few:

  • Package Manager - This feature allows you to setup membership packages with different account restrictions according to your preferences. All with their own pricing structure and payment periods. This will make the whole upgrades process and lot more flexible.
  • Account Lock - This is a feature that has been requested by many of our members. It allows you to lock an account entirely so if anyone gains access to it, they can't cause any real damage. To unlock it you'll need to confirm the code sent via email.
  • Account Passwords - Users now have the ability to choose their own password when registering an account on your file upload site.

There's lots more which will be announced when the release is out on the 15th. Thanks for continuing to give us your feedback and requests in the RFC section of the MFScripts forum.

Reservo - Image Hosting Script

We've made great progress on our image hosting script, Reservo recently. The script will have all of the features that YetiShare has to offer, but is tailor-made specifically for hosting images. The script is currently 80% complete and coming very soon. Keep an eye on for the latest announcements.

Web Dav Plugin - Offline Access To Your Files!

The Web Dav Plugin will enable access to your files using a Dropbox style desktop application and via a mobile/tablet app. It's been a while in development however we're pleased to announce that we've ironed out the snags and will be releasing it very soon. The web dav plugin will be compatible with both YetiShare and Reservo.

As always, if you have any ideas feel free to add to the RFCs on the forum or contact us via the ticketing system. Thanks for reading.

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