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Wurlie - Overview

This PHP site script enables you to setup and maintain a url shortening service. Just upload the code, set the config and site details and you're ready to go. It comes with a full admin area for managing the site, 3 coloured templates, user registration, stats, easy advert integration and much more.

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Wurlie Features

Easy Setup & Configuration

Simple to install, just upload the code via FTP, set your database and site settings and you're set. Alternatively let us install the script for you.

Wurlie Features

Extendable Using Plugins

The codebase is built on our own plugin architecture which makes it easier to add additional features to the script without changing any of the core code.

Wurlie Features

Scalable & Secure

Built and tested for high traffic sites, externally XSS tested and built in Malware & Phishing link validation.

Wurlie Features

100% Source Supplied

None of the source code is encoded, enabling you to amend the short url script and change the styles as needed.