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Site Status Script

This PHP script enables you to view the current online status of your various websites/servers broken down by service. i.e. Apache, MySQL, POP3 etc.

Site Status Script

It's 100% FREE to use and none of the PHP source code is encoded. Make all the amendments you need to integrate it into your own website.


  • Written in PHP.
  • Monitor an unlimited amount of websites/servers.
  • Add custom ports for monitoring.
  • No database required.
  • Easy installation.
  • Simple, clean, web 2.0 look and feel.
  • Completely FREE.

Site Requirements:

  • PHP4 / PHP5.
  • No restrictions within PHP/Apache for outgoing url requests. (fsockopen() should be available)


You can view the live demonstration by clicking on the following link:


Release History:

Script is released as the first free download from