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MFScripts - Recent Releases

This page details all the most recent releases of our scripts. Click on the 'Full History' button beneath any of the sections to view the full history for each script.

Short Url Script:

- PHP7 support.
- Social login included as standard in the core script.
- Composer integration for third party libraries.
- Fix to Facebook login (new API) on social login plugin.
- Performance improvements on both the front-end and admin area.
- Added support for MySQL Strict Mode.
- Added support for punycode domain names.
- Fixed issue with premium accounts not upgrading on certain payment gateways.
- Improvements to mail handling when using php mail() functions.
- Removed the requirement for MySQLi within the API.
- Fixed issue with php mail() sometimes not sending.

NOTE: This release has database changes. Ensure you apply the patch file in /offline/version_sql_statements/shorturl_v3.4.2_to_3.5.sql

File Hosting Script:

- Updated social login plugin - Fixed Facebook not working due to API changes.
- Minor fixes to file manager breadcumbs & folder reloading.
- Facebook login - removed the request for date or birth, town and about me, in permissions.
- Added additional database indexes to improve performance.
- Fixed session notice in later versions of PHP - session_write_close(): Failed to write session data (user).
- Fixed SMTP sending issues caused by debug being enabled within email sending library.
- Fixed issue with folder zip download not being fully recursive.

Release Notes: There are database changes within this release. See /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v4.4 - v4.4.1.sql. For code difference with v4.4 see \install\resources\upgrade_file_diffs\V4-4_to_V4-4-1_DIFF.txt.

Fonts Site Script:

- Full support for https.
- Other minor fixes and enhancements.

User Login & Management Script:

- Script initially released for download on

S3BackupWHM Script:

Reservo - Image Hosting Script:

- Fix to XSS issue on logged in file search.

Release Notes: You can patch this file by uploading the following file to your install:
- themes/reservo/templates/search/index.html