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MFScripts - Recent Releases

This page details all the most recent releases of our scripts. Click on the 'Full History' button beneath any of the sections to view the full history for each script.

Short Url Script:

- Minor Fix to Captcha Output on Url Creation Note: There are no database changes in this release.

File Hosting Script:

- New Advertising Module:
--- Dedicated admin section for managing site advertising.
--- Support for video adverts using VAST or Google IMA urls.
--- Option to set different banner advert for adult and non adult content throughout the site.
--- Admin area setting to define adult keywords.
- New video player integrated into the file preview plugin to support video adverts.
- Target uploads to file storage servers depending on account type. For example, send paid account uploads to faster servers.
- Added cancel upload option within file manager. Options to cancel any pending file or the entire upload.
- Limit upload speed by account package using Nginx. You can now set an "Upload Url Slug" via the account package settings. When using Nginx, you can configure this to be speed limited.
- Limit concurrent downloads better in Nginx. You can now set a "Download Url Slug" via the account package settings. On Nginx this can be configured to limit connections or download speed.
- Improvement to the document viewer so it continues to work even when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Fixed issue with zipping files when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Added site settings to disable chunked uploads and the chunked upload file size. (recommend for advanced setups only)
- Added option within the file edit popup in the file manager, to set minimum required account level to download. For example, paid accounts only.
- Added subtitle proxy script to resolve browser CORS issue when subtitles are stored on remote file servers.
- Ensured the local server is listed in the admin purge cache pages, when set as disabled.
- Added option for lifetime premium accounts.
- Added admin site setting to block non-login uploads. Enables blocking of non-login uploads from third party desktop apps.
- Upgraded core GeoIP library to use GeoLite2 by Maxmind. IP database updated to the latest.
- Resolved issue with crypto functions where data sometimes fails to encrypt fully.
- Removed unused plugin_tasks.cron.php file and reference in admin background tasks.
- Improvements to ipv6 validation and login logs.
- Fix to concurrent upload account package limits sometimes not working as it should.
- Improvement to make downloads per 24 hours limit based on download stats, so they're no longer dependent on download tracking option.
- Fix to file manager right-click on a Mac triggering the file details view instead of showing the context menu.
- Fix to captcha error on login form when using 2FA with captcha enabled.
- Fix to url downloads when using a different domain on the file server. Now uses postMessage to communicate between iframes.
- Fix to internal and email notifications cron tasks.
- Fix to ensure direct links to videos play inline rather than force download. Applied when xSendFile or xAccelRedirect enabled.
- Fix to incorrect deletion reason being shown on admin bulk file removal tool.
- Fix to file uploads on direct file servers sometimes not linking to a users account when 2FA enabled.
- Various minor fixes and improvements.


- Stripe:
--- Minor wording change on checkout process.
- Media Converter:
--- Ensured folder size is recalculated after video converted.
- WebDav:
--- Ensured folder size is recalculated after file move.
- Rewards:
--- Added an option to limit logging PPD by downloading account type.
--- Clarified option to limit access to earn PPD by account type.
--- Blocked actual logging of PPD earnings if account type not enabled in plugin settings, rather than just hide reward pages from the UI.
--- Added link to detailed PPD logs in rewards admin menu.
--- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes: There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.3.0.sql.

Fonts Site Script:

- Full support for https.
- Other minor fixes and enhancements.

User Login & Management Script:

- Script initially released for download on

S3BackupWHM Script:

Reservo - Image Hosting Script:

- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
--- Added checkbox onto registration page to confirm acceptance of terms.
--- Added privacy policy and linked it into the site footer.
--- Added optional cookie notice to front-end pages. Enabled by default, control via the admin area, site settings.
--- Added checkbox on account edit page to unsubscribe from site mailing list.
--- Set all users to be unsubscribed by default, as per GDPR requirements. Users must opt in to subscribe.

- Update to use random hashes in folder sharing urls instead of the incremental folder id.
- Option to set admin account approvals on all registrations.
- Support for friendlier url routes in plugins.
- Improvements to upgrade checker & guidance.
- Fix to file action queue handling on Flysystem storage points.
- Minor fix to ensure the batch import plugin is enabled if an import is triggered. Avoid fatal error.
- Support for all UTF8 characters within import plugin.
- Replacement of direct.php and thumb.php links with friendlier urls.

- Bundled payment gateway API with support for over 50 gateways using Omnipay. Includes:
--- Stripe, BitPay, PaySera, WebMoney, Coinbase & lots more.
- Replacement of mcrypt functions with OpenSSL for PHP7.2+.
- API changes - New admin only endpoints:
--- /account/create
--- /account/edit
--- /account/delete
--- /package/listing
- Added optional CDN support for image previews and thumbnails. (via file server management)
- Added optional captcha to user login screen.
- Added optional captcha to admin login screen.
- Big changes to how the delete file process works within the code:
--- All deletes are now scheduled within the file action queue, including FTP, S3 and Flysystem adapters.
--- Better management of file server paths - stored against the file server in the admin area.
--- Removal of ajax calls to remote storage server on delete, significant performance improvement.
- Admin area changes:
--- Moved "Max Image Uploads Per Day" into account packages.
--- Moved "Accepted Upload Image Types" into account packages.
--- Moved "Blocked Upload Image Types" into account packages.
--- Added option to auto clear trash items older than x days in account packages.
- Better feedback on login failures for the admin area.
- Better handling of core FTP storage when passive mode is enabled.
- Improvements to how the account avatar is loaded to avoid restrictions on certain servers.
- Fix to Amazon S3 storage configuration issue.
- File server option to download over different protocol compared with main site.
- Moved the local storage path from into the file server admin.
- All database tables changed to 'InnoDB' & 'utf8mb4_general_ci' to allow for MySQL clustering support.
- Update of PHPMailer to fix recently announced security issue -
- Moved script version number into the database.
- Minor XSS fixes.

- FTP Upload Plugin:
--- Automatic import of FTP uploaded files.
--- Admin user interface to view and delete FTP credentials.
--- Moved uploader tab content to ajax request to limit browser hanging if FTP host has gone away.
- Social Login Plugin:
--- Updated LinkedIn integration due to changes on their site.
- Rewards Plugin:
--- Friendlier site urls (removal of the plugins path in the url)
- Vouchers Plugin:
--- Friendlier site urls (removal of the plugins path in the url)

Release Notes: There are database changes within this release. See /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v1.7 - v1.8.sql