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New Release: YetiShare v4.4 Available For Download

New Release: YetiShare v4.4 Available For Download

By Adam posted on 7th March 2017

Hi all,

We've just made available YetiShare v4.4 via your account on If you login (and you're still within support) you'll see the link to download it.

The main changes include a brand new admin area, SFTP, Amazon S3 and Rackspace storage built in, a file upload API, JWPlayer 7, 3 free plugins, bulk import tool, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and much more.

You can see it running on our demo site:
(login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'password')

How to Upgrade:

To upgrade your existing install, upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Upgrade an existing v4.x install' option. As with any changes, make sure you backup your existing code and database first. Note: Unfortunately we can't manage any custom changes you've made so you'll need to manually re-apply these.

If you're prefer us to arrange the upgrade we can do this for an upgrade fee of $39.00. We'll ensure the upgrade is configured on your site along with your original data. We can't retain any code or style changes you've made unfortunately.

Feel free to drop us an email via the ticketing system if you have any questions.

Core Changes:

- Flysystem integration. Core script initial support for file storage on:
--- SFTP
--- Amazon S3
--- Rackspace Cloud Files
--- FTP (via Flysystem, possible future replacement of core FTP storage)
- File Upload API:
--- Account Operations: Get account info, get account package info (max upload size, account limits etc).
--- File Operations: Upload, Download, Get info, Edit meta data, Delete, Move, Copy.
--- Folder Operations: Create, List (Files and Folders), Get info, Edit meta data, Delete, Move.
- PayPal subscriptions support. Optional within PayPal plugin settings, default disabled. If enabled the user will automatically be setup with a subscription and rebilled when their account is due to expire.
- 3 additional plugins now included as standard with the core script:
--- Social Login
--- Document Viewer
--- Newsletter Manager
- Admin Area:
--- Admin area interface rewrite so it's now using Bootstrap 3. Compatibility library added to aid with migration of older plugins.
--- Bulk import tool. Within the admin area bulk import files into an account from on a folder on your server.
--- Added update checker to plugin listing page. Any new releases to plugins are immediately shown on this page.
--- Added option to bulk remove files by copying and pasting a list of urls.
--- Added user avatar to manage users page.
--- Added option to remove or set avatar on add/edit user.
--- Fix to add/edit user password setting. Now uses the global password rules.
--- Added check for minimum required version number when adding a plugin.
--- Added clean up of any failed tasks in the remote download queue. Limits issues with the queue getting full and new items not working.
--- Added support for default folders on new account creation/registration. Can be set via the admin, site settings.
- Support for SolveMedia captcha.
- Improvements to stats logging performance and sync between the stats count and file.visits value.
- Fixed issue with jwplayer fullscreen mode in Chrome.
- Added upgrade page package names into translations.
- Improvement to ipToCountry checking for larger IP ranges.
- Better support for prepared arguments in the database layer.
- File download pages / upgrade pages now show the file description and keywords, if set.
- Update of PHPMailer to fix recently announced security issue -
- Integration of composer for ease of management of third party libraries.
- Minor improvements to RTL layout.

Release Notes: There are database changes within this release. See /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v4.3 - v4.4.sql. To enable the API you will need to apply the new rewrite rules to Nginx or .htaccess, if you're using Apache. This script now requires minimum PHP v5.5.

Plugin Changes:

- Rewards:
--- Improvement to PPD logging when using Nginx and download managers.
--- New advice for PPD complete download log for Nginx and CloudFlare.
- Media Converter:
--- Improved concurrent conversions option to work per server.
--- Removed use of ereg function for PHP7.
- Media Player:
--- Added JWPlayer 7 as an available media player.

What's Next?

We're planning another release in about 3 months which will focus on the monetisation side of the script. So full reviews of the rewards and vouchers plugins, SEO tools, promotion tools, sitemaps, new gateways and subscription based gateways etc. Anything we can add which will enable you to drive more sales to your site. The focus is primarily on this release for now but there's big changes around monetisation coming soon.

Thanks for your continued support, hope you enjoy the changes. :)