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YetiShare v4.5.1 Available For Download - GDPR

YetiShare v4.5.1 Available For Download - GDPR

By Adam posted on 20th May 2018

Hi all,

We've just made available YetiShare v4.5.1 via your account on If you login (and you're still within support) you'll see the link to download it.

This is a minor release which adds functionality to ensure your site complies with the new GDPR regulations. You can read more about GDPR by going here.

How to Upgrade:

To upgrade your existing install, download the latest code and upload the following files to your install. Make sure you backup these first encase you've made custom changes:

  • \themes\flow\frontend_assets\css\stylesheet.css
  • \themes\flow\js\cookieconsent.min.js
  • \themes\flow\styles\cookieconsent.min.css
  • \themes\flow\templates\partial\
  • \themes\flow\templates\partial\
  • \themes\flow\templates\privacy.html
  • \themes\flow\templates\register.html
  • \themes\flow\templates\account_edit.html
  • \plugins\newsletters\offline\database.sql
  • \core\includes\userPeer.class.php

Next apply the sql patch to your database within:

  • \install_yetishare\resources\upgrade_sql_statements\v4.5.1.sql

That's it!

Feel free to drop us an email via the ticketing system if you have any questions.

Core Changes:

- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
--- Added checkbox onto registration page to confirm acceptance of terms.
--- Added privacy policy and linked it into the site footer.
--- Added optional cookie notice to front-end pages. Enabled by default, control via the admin area, site settings.
--- Added checkbox on account edit page to unsubscribe from site mailing list.
--- Set all users to be unsubscribed by default, as per GDPR requirements. Users must opt in to subscribe.

Release Notes: There are database changes within this release. See /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v4.5 - v4.5.1.sql. To patch only changed files, see \install\resources\upgrade_file_diffs\V4-5_to_V4-5-1_DIFF.txt.