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Performance Improvements in YetiShare - Huge Gains - 0.06 Page Loads!

Performance Improvements in YetiShare - Huge Gains - 0.06 Page Loads!

By Adam posted on 6th November 2015

Hi all,

Over the past few years we've been packing YetiShare full of features however we've been aware that there's a need to step back and give the script a good performance review. Over the past month we've been tweaking and testing the script so it runs lightning fast! On dynamic PHP pages (with database calls) we're now getting page load times at a speedy 0.06 seconds! This is without any SQL or PHP caching to boost it further.


Fast Loading 1


This has been achieved by refactoring a lot of the code but by also utilising the built in memory cache class we added a number of releases back. To show you just how much the performance has been improved in the v4.2 release we've done some detailed benchmarking. Check out these before and afters:

Page Load Times:

Page Url: v4.1.1 Load Time: v4.2 Load Time: Improvement:
index.html 0.22832 0.06666 3.43 x Faster
faq.html 0.18359 0.06586 2.79 x Faster
contact.html 0.18266 0.06523 2.80 x Faster
account_home.html 0.23903 0.08289 2.88 x Faster
account_edit.html 0.22876 0.07797 2.93 x Faster
core/ 0.01847 0.01788 1.05 x Faster
admin/index.php 0.17062 0.07897 2.16 x Faster

Database Queries:

Page Url: v4.1.1 Total Querys: v4.2 Total Querys: Improvement:
index.html 51 15 3.4 x Faster
faq.html 23 10 2.3 x Faster
contact.html 21 10 2.1 x Faster
account_home.html 64 17 3.76 x Faster
account_edit.html 34 16 2.13 x Faster
core/ 7 7 -
admin/index.php 81 27 3 x Faster

So for any dynamic page like FAQ or Contact, it takes just 0.06 seconds to load! On top of that we can add MySQL Query Cache and APC to further speed things up. 

Page Load Times v4.2 (without Cache) VS v4.2 (with MySQL Query Cache & APC):

Page Url: v4.2 Load Time (without Cache): v4.2 Load Time (with Query Cache & APC): Improvement:
index.html 0.06666 0.04353 1.53 x Faster
contact.html 0.06523 0.02991 2.18 x Faster
core/ 0.01788 0.00780 2.29 x Faster
admin/index.php 0.07897 0.02671 2.96 x Faster

With extra server caching, in addition to the performance improvements in v4.2, you can get up to 0.029 seconds page load times on dynamic PHP pages.

For the benchmark notes, the screengrabs and environment details of our tests please see the url below:

All the above changes are in the latest v4.2 release out this morning. Feel free to drop us an email via the ticketing system if you have any questions.

Adam & The Team