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UPDATED: Progress Update for v4.4 of YetiShare

UPDATED: Progress Update for v4.4 of YetiShare

By Adam posted on 13th January 2017

UPDATE - 6th March 2017:

Version 4.4 of YetiShare is now available for download in your account. Full change log here -



Hi all,

I thought I'd give you an idea of progress on v4.4 of YetiShare including some of the new features you can expect to see when it's released. First up...

New Admin Area

The old admin area was in need of a refresh, it's been part of the script for a long time and the web's changed a lot since YetiShare first came out. It was also getting more and more difficult to add new items to the navigation given the limited space at the top.

The new admin area keeps all the same features but moves the navigation onto the left. It also uses the full width of your browser window for displaying content, instead of the more limited fixed view on the old admin area.

We've chosen Bootstrap 3 as the framework for the design, based on the hugely impressive Gentelella theme, so it'll be relatively easy to add new functionality going forward. Don't worry about any custom plugins you have aswell, these should still work. We've kept the same file structure in the admin area and written a javascript library to dynamically restructure most custom plugins to work with Bootstrap.


We have a file upload API! You'll now be able to integrate your own applications into YetiShare and have access to a growing list of core functions.

Initially it'll come with the ability to:

  • Authenticate via either account username & password or using generated API keys.
  • List files & folders.
  • Upload files.
  • Download files.
  • Create folders.
  • Edit files (meta data) & folders.
  • Move files and folders.
  • Copy files and folders.
  • Delete files and folders.

After this initial release we'll be adding things like remote upload, admin account creation etc.

We're working on adding integration into the plugin architecture aswell so the API has access to rewards balances, vouchers etc.

Bulk Import Tool

The bulk import tool has been expanded so it's available via the user interface, it should be a lot easier to use for non SSH users to import their files.

Plugin Version Checker

Aswell as the core script check for new releases, plugins will now also be checked for updates. On the manage plugins screen there's a new column which shows the whether a plugin is up to date. It should make the process of ensuring you have the latest plugin installed a lot more straight forward.

Bulk Remove Abuse Reports

When you receive that email with the long list of removals you can now quickly remove the files.

Other Features

Subscriptions, invoices and various plugin improvements. We're looking at integrating flysystem into the core script (not as a plugin). Flysystem provides a file storage API for loads of different providers like Azure, Dropbox, SFTP,, Rackspace etc. It's an amazing library but needs development time to get it fully integrated. We'll run some tests on this release and hopefully include an initial integration with this version.

There's a number of RFCs from the forum also added (this post isn't a full list :)), lots of performance fixes to the core aswell as the usual minor tweaks.

When's It Due?

We're currently aiming for just over 2 weeks away for the beta. It'll go into beta for 2 weeks and all being fine move into final release straight after.


As with anything we do, any feedback is more than welcome. If you have any new suggestions please post them via the RFCs in the forum, we can't fit anything new in this release but we'll review it for a future release. Any feedback on the above features is welcome via the ticketing system.

Note that as the development is still in progress, the above features and screens may not look similar when finished. It's all very much work in progress at the moment.

That's it for now, thanks for your patience and continue support. Nearly there!

Right, back to work!