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Wurlie v3.4 - Released Today - Offer Paid Account Upgrades, Use Case Sensitive Short Urls, Thumbnails, Tools, Fixes and lots more!

Wurlie v3.4 - Released Today - Offer Paid Account Upgrades, Use Case Sensitive Short Urls, Thumbnails, Tools, Fixes and lots more!

By Adam posted on 27th May 2015


We've today officially released v3.4 of Wurlie, our short url script. It includes many new features including the ability to offer paid accounts via PayPal, case sensitive short urls, thumbnails, tools, plugin updates, performance improvements and lots more.

See below for the full list of changes or go straight to the demo site here:

If you're still within your 12 months support period, you're illegible for the free upgrade from our site. Just login via and you can use the existing download link to access the update.

How to Upgrade:

Upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Perform an Upgrade to an existing install' option. As with any changes, make sure you backup your existing code and database first. Note: Unfortunately we can't manage any custom changes you've made so you'll need to manually re-apply these.

If you're prefer us to arrange the upgrade we can do this for an upgrade fee of $39.00. We'll ensure the upgrade is configured on your site along with your original data. We can't retain any code or style changes you've made unfortunately.

Feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Core Changes:

- Added paid accounts option. Offer account upgrades via PayPal which hide ads. Enable via the admin area.
- Full support for case sensitive short urls.
- Bulk delete users/urls in admin area.
- Added thumbnail of original site on stats pages.
- Added tools section to list Bookmarklet, API & HTML Convert.
- Added ability to export urls from the account_home.html page.
- Edit url option in admin area.
- Added a contact us form, with optional captcha.
- Upgraded reCaptcha to reCaptcha2.
- Improved the loading of favicons on short urls.
- Added option in the admin area to either show or hide the captcha when creating a new url.
- Optional private Url statistics via the account settings.
- Optional delete url statistics in the edit url page.
- Blocked autocomplete on the additional options fields. Caused submission issues in certain browsers.
- All missing translations for the frontend added to the database.
- Fixed issue with Google fonts not loading if using https.
- Copy url(s), Copy Stats, & Copy QR code link when clicking an icon, icon changed color when clicked.
- Added a comprehensive admin support page which will help with support requests.
- Added 404 page.

Plugin Changes:

- PPV Plugin
--- Added PPV Withdrawal methods.
--- Added restrictions to "Max Limit By IP", "Max Limit By Url" and "Max Limit By User".
--- Compacted the "PPV Country Rates" into a scrolling div to save space in the plugin settings.
- Social Login Plugin
--- Updated Facebook login to use new Facebook API permission set.

Technical Support - Wurlie
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