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YetiShare v4.1 Beta Available

YetiShare v4.1 Beta Available

By Adam posted on 15th July 2015

Hi all,

We've just made available the beta of YetiShare v4.1 via your account on If you login (and still within support) you'll see the link to download it. It's planned we'll be in beta for 7 days then go into final release.

You can see it running on our demo site:
 (login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'password')

The main changes include enhanced file privacy options, package management, the option to allow users to set their own password on registration, reCaptcha2, security & performance improvements, loads of new plugin changes and much more.

Any feedback or bug reports are welcome. We'll not be adding any new features to this release but if there's bugs to fix we'll be keen to get them resolved before moving out of beta.

As with any release, make sure you backup your site, files and database before making any changes.


To upgrade your existing codebase, upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Upgrade an existing v4.x install' option. We're happy to help if you get stuck.


The beta versions of our plugins are also available via your account on The v4.1 release has not been tested with the older plugin so you'll likely need to upgrade the plugins aswell.

Release Notes:


- Added file privacy options at various levels. Site wide, account level, folders (inc sub-folders) & on specific files. Private settings inherit down onto all folders/files if set by site/account.
- Added the option to allow users to choose their own password when registering an account.
- Added Account locking feature which, when enabled, locks the account details from being changed, users will not be able to edit, move or delete files whilst the account lock is enabled.
- Updated reCaptcha to the newer reCaptcha2.
- Added sub-folders to the main file manager window rather than just showing the files.
- Added ability to block file types from being uploaded.
- Payment complete page, after payment, user session is reloaded to reflect the upgrade.
- Added ability to ban files by extension (.exe;.jpg;.docx;.etc) and file md5 hash/filesize.
- Added a delete button / option for themes & plugins
- Added a comprehensive admin support page which will help with support requests.
- Added a function to detect 32bit or 64bit operating system.
- Added account expiry details to account edit page.
- Replaced user drop-downs in the admin area with text entry/auto suggest for better scalability.
- Moved xAccelRedirect & xSendFile options into the file server configuration & removed from the old global settings from the site_config table.
- Allowed the remote downloader to follow 301 redirects, limited to 5 redirects.
- Admins can set files to be restored from the pending deletion queue on the next task run (process_file_queue.cron.php).
- Admins can now limit the hourly amount of emails sent by the 'send via email' form by user.
- Fix to file removal on FTP/S3.
- Added support for theme settings and admin navigation items via theme config.
- Support for file keywords.
- Fixed issue with possible site url injection into the translations.
- Various other minor fixes.

New Plugins:
- WebDav plugin

Plugin Changes:
- Rewards:
--- New overview page showing total earnings by user and overall system stats.
--- Option to limit PPD access by account type (free or paid accounts).
--- Fix to capture PPD data only when PPD is enabled in plugin settings.
--- Log PPD after x percentage on watching videos/audio.
--- Updated code to process the new individual X-Accel-Redirect & XSendFile configurations in the individual server configs.
- Torrent Download Plugin (v3):
--- Use Transmission instead of uTorrent as the torrent engine.
--- Link for user to cancel downloading torrent.
--- Link for user to clear completed torrent.
--- Limitations of account max storage and max upload size now apply to torrents.
--- Added peer information to users torrent download page.
--- Cron script changed to command line rather than wget to improve performance.
--- Fix to allow for users downloading the same torrent at the same time.
- Document Viewer Plugin (v5):
--- Support added for thumbnail previews of PDF files. (requires imagick within PHP)
- Image Viewer Plugin:
--- Better handling of image thumbnails. Links directly to cached version and only routes via PHP on first server cache request.
--- Option to set preview image quality.
--- Option to automatically rotate images on upload, based on EXIF data.
- Media Converter (v8):
--- Added option to keep the originally uploaded file. Converted file will be stored as a new file and linked to the original.
- Media Player (v9):
--- If using the media converter to keep the original file, the converted copy will play directly in the browser whereas the download link will provide the original.
- Social Login Plugin (v2):
--- Integration of social network profile picture to Flow theme.
--- Update to fix Foursquare login process.
--- Updated Facebook login to use new Facebook API permission set.
--- Added social login to site registration page.
- CoinPayments Plugin
--- Added IPN URL to the plugin settings page.

Thanks for your continued support.