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Yetishare v5.1.0 Released!

Yetishare v5.1.0 Released!

By Adam posted on 15th December 2020

Hi all,

We've just released Yetishare v5.1.0 via your account on If you login and you're still within support, you'll see the link to download.

You can see it up and running on our demo site:
(login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'Password@Demo')

Overview of changes:

This release includes preview options for text based files, including syntax highlighting on code such as JS, CSS, HTML and PHP. Subtitle support for videos has been added (srt, vtt and txt) and the progress bar enabled on remote url upload.

We had some issues with the Wasabi plugin so it's been completely re-engineered. It previously downloaded files through your main site, which worked fine for smaller files however caused issues with various server timeouts when supporting large files. It also effectively doubled the bandwidth usage.

This has been changed so it now uses pre-signed download urls directly from Wasabi. When a download is requested, it'll generate a secure, time limited url at Wasabi and silently redirect the user to it. It makes a huge difference with performance.

Lots of other fixes and improvements have been included in this release, mainly fallout from the big v5 update. See the release notes below for the breakdown of changes.

How to install or upgrade:

Upload the /install folder to your website and load Note that the upgrade process has changed in this release, so please read it carefully. We're happy to help if you get stuck.

Final Release Notes:


  • Support for previewing text based files. Including syntax highlighting on code such as JS, CSS, HTML and PHP.
  • Support for subtitles on videos (srt, vtt and txt). Ensure subtitle file named the same and in the same folder to use.
  • Improved adblock detection, including an admin option to set the advert detection code JS filename.
  • Added admin email notification when accounts pending approval.
  • Added support for multiple paid packages on the upgrade page.
  • Added optional captcha on report file form.
  • Re-enabled progress upload on "remote url download".
  • Added popup to select destination folder in file manager copy files.
  • Ensured all "direct" file servers route file urls via the main site url.
  • Fixed issue where file preview cache files sometimes not being scheduled for removal within the file action queue.
  • Fixed incorrect "Unlimited" available storage label on account edit page when over storage limit.
  • Improved memory usage on banned ip data purge.
  • Added fileHash and whether a file is a duplicate on admin, edit file popup.
  • Added option in file preview settings to not show the details page when not logged in. i.e. file urls will trigger a download.
  • Blocked autocomplete input on uploader 'additional options'. i.e. email and password input.
  • Theme settings additional error checking on file system permissions for logo upload. Removal of exif_imagetype dependency.
  • Fix to ensure when admin previews any file, the download button is shown.
  • Fix to hide trial user upload button on the homepage if account registration is disabled in site settings.
  • Fix to "Mark all read" link on internal account notifications.
  • Fix to block future uploads feature not setting the blocked file hash.
  • Fix to file server .htaccess download when adding new file server.

Existing Plugins:

  • S3 Storage:
    • Support for range header. Enables media skipping and better download manager support.
  • Wasabi Storage:
    • Support for range header. Enables media skipping and better download manager support.
  • Direct download support (pre-signed urls).
    • Torrent Download:
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Skrill Plugin:
    • Migrated to v5.

Release notes: There are minor database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.1.0.sql. Upload the following folder contents to apply the code changes:

  • /app
  • /plugins
  • /themes

Please see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

Thanks for your continued support!