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Yetishare v5.2.0 Released!

Yetishare v5.2.0 Released!

By Adam posted on 21st March 2021

Hi all,

We've just released Yetishare v5.2.0 via your account on If you login and you're still within support, you'll see the link to download.

You can see it up and running on our demo site:
(login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'Password@Demo')

Overview of changes:

This release includes support for PHP8.0, optional 2FA, performance improvements and various fixes. See the release notes below for the breakdown of changes.

How to install or upgrade:

Upload the /install folder to your website and load Note that the upgrade process has changed in this release, so please read it carefully. We're happy to help if you get stuck.

Final Release Notes:


  • PHP v8.0 support.
  • 2FA integration for site login.
    • New admin site settings option to enable the feature.
    • User can enable/disable 2FA via account settings.
    • Admin area option to reset 2FA by user.
    • User login process updated to prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
    • Admin login has separate prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
  • Social login updated to request 2FA, if enabled.
  • Admin option to purge application cache on file servers aswell as the main local server.
  • File referrer lock. Added optional account setting to whitelist referring domains on file download links. If set, only the set domains can link to files outside of the site.
  • Added API documentation page on the front-end of the site. Option to disable via admin site settings.
  • Added "duplicate file to account" button on file preview page so files can be easily copied.
  • Performance improvement to md5 hash generation for large files.
  • Admin area site setting option to disable md5 file hashing over certain file sizes. Resolves md5_file() performance issues on low resource hosts.
  • Added reason for file removal on delete. For example, admin/user removed, copyright claim or system expired. Shown when trying to access the download url.
  • Added option to set download pages by file type aswell as account type.
  • Improved system logging within the upload process.
  • Improved file manager "Copy Urls to Clipboard" to include all selected folders rather than just the current.
  • Added UID to each log session to simplify reviewing log history.
  • Minor file manager UI improvements. Including left-clicking to clear selected, context menu & drag start location tidy ups and selected folder reload on paging.
  • Various Spirit theme responsive view improvements.
  • Improvement to layout when viewing the register page on smaller height resolutions.
  • Improved file meta description and keywords tags for SEO.
  • Moved caching of used server storage space value into cron task, rather than each file upload, for better performance.
  • Updated loading of file by shortUrl so it is case sensitive.
  • Added support for SSH keys aswell as passwords, in file server SSH connection details.
  • Updated token download urls for media so they always includes the filename, for third party player compatibility.
  • Added catch in core database class for "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" errors. Attempts to reconnect rather than exiting.
  • Fix to video playback on Safari when not using XSendFile or XAccelRedirect.
  • Fix to enforce UTF8 character encoding on email sending.
  • Fixed issue which caused some cache files to not be queued for deletion on 'direct' file servers.
  • Fixed logo within emails so it's replaced with the one set via the theme settings.
  • Fixed issue with admin area delete user function, which sometimes caused uploaded files not to be removed.
  • Fixed double icon issue when file preview "Show Thumbnails" option disabled.
  • Fixed issue with erroneous HTML being output on uploader when file previewer plugin disabled.
  • Fixed issue with "download as zip" to ensure the zip file name on the server is always unique.
  • Ensured folderHash is set on folder creation within the file import plugin.
  • Fix to "Query Type" wording on contact email notification.
  • Fix to paid account expiry date not working on API account edit.


  • Stripe:
    • Upgraded to offsite payment API.
  • Rewards:
    • Improvement to cookie clearing on affiliate tracking.
    • Fix to unique index on 'plugin_reward_aggregated' which may cause DB errors.
    • Note DB changes for this plugin release in:
      • \plugins\rewards\offline\upgrade_sql_statements\v21 v22.sql
  • File Leech:
    • Migrated to v5.
  • Archive Manager:
    • Added detailed logging.
    • Added options to set full zip/rar binary paths in plugin settings. Solves some cron task issues in certain environments.
    • Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.
  • File Previewer:
    • Performance improvement on thumbnail generation cron.
  • Media Converter:
    • Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.
  • FTP Plugin:
    • Added passive mode admin option.
    • Fixed CORS issue on import, when using an external file server as the FTP host.
  • S3 Storage:
    • Moved actual S3 file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.
  • Wasabi Storage:
    • Moved actual Wasabi file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.


Release notes: There are minor database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.2.0.sql. Upload the following folder contents to apply the code changes:

  • /app
  • /plugins
  • /themes

Please see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

Thanks for your continued support!