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Yetishare v5.3.1 Released!

Yetishare v5.3.1 Released!

By Adam posted on 18th February 2022

Hi all,

We've just released Yetishare v5.3.1 via your account on If you login and you're still within support, you'll see the link to download.

You can see it up and running on our demo site:
(login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'Password@Demo')

Overview of changes:

This is a minor fix release to resolve some bugs and performance improvements.

How to install or upgrade:

Upload the /install folder to your website and load Note that the upgrade process has changed in this release, so please read it carefully. We're happy to help if you get stuck.

Final Release Notes:


  • Fix to downgrade_accounts.cron.php cron task.
  • Fix to avoid new geoip functions breaking when there's no IP passed.
  • Fix to internal API delete file endpoint.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

Yetishare Plugins:

  • Minio File Storage:
    • New plugin
    • Store your files on Minio based S3 storage
    • irect download using pre-signed URLs supported
  • Wasabi File Storage:
    • Added missing S3 endpoints

Release notes: 

To apply the update from v5.3.0, simply upload the following files to your install:

- /app/controllers/AccountDownloadController.class.php
- /app/controllers/AccountFileController.class.php
- /app/core/Framework.class.php
- /app/helpers/AdminApiHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/StatsHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/UserHelper.class.php
- /themes/spirit/assets/js/evolution.js
- /themes/spirit/controllers/IndexController.class.php
- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_preview_download.html.twig
- /themes/spirit/views/index.html.twig

Please see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

Thanks for your continued support!