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Yetishare v5.6.0 Released!

Yetishare v5.6.0 Released!

By Adam posted on 25th June 2024

Hi all,

We've just released Yetishare v5.6.0 to your account on If you login and you're still within support, you'll see the link to download.

You can see it up and running on our demo site:
(login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'Password@Demo')

Overview of changes:

This release includes a number of changes based on user feedback, such as support for multiple video sizes (4k, 2k, HD etc), sharing link expiry/password, Docker integration, core session handling improvements and other fixes. We've also updated the language packs, including adding 2 new languages.

Another addition is the new browser extension plugin. This enables quick access to search & access files, copy multiple file & folder links and download files directly. See this page for more information -

See the release notes below for a full list of changes.

How to install or upgrade:

Upload the /install folder to your website and load in a browser. Follow the steps on the "Upgrade from v5.x" tab, we're happy to help if you get stuck!

Change detail:

- Front-end:
- Added support for toggling between video sizes (4k, 2k, HD, 720p, 480p, 360p) when using in conjunction with the media converter
- Added expiry date and access password options when creating sharing links. Available on hashed external links, internal sharing and email sharing
- Added prompt for password when accessing sharing URLs, if set
- Files downloaded by admin users are no longer counted towards file download stats
- Improvements to edit file/folder popups to ensure browsers don't autofill password elements
- File history entry no longer added when admin copies a file into their account
- Fixed "Permanently Delete" right-click menu option not working for files in trash
- Added delete key shortcut to permanently delete files in trash
- Removed "Upload" menu items and button on homepage when user account has uploading disabled
- Fixed issue on "View All Links" popup with file URLs not clearing when re-uploading with "Remote URL Upload"
- Removed delete hashes on the end of API generated file info URLs
- Added redirect to originally requested account page when prompted to login
- Admin Area:
- Added dedicated file "Artifacts" tab in file edit popup. Provides visibility on all Artifacts relating to a file, such as resized videos, thumbnails or (later) versioned files
- Added option to download artifacts
- Added option to delete artifacts
- New admin area option to randomise upload server per upload request
- Added link expiry date and status to "Manage Sharing" view
- Added option to set expiry date when added sharing URL
- Added site setting to restrict the maximum download zip file size (default 4G)
- Added site setting to control the download zip purge period for tmp files on the local server (default 72 hours)
- Ensured translation placeholders (within square brackets) are not translated when using Google Translate
- Various fixes and improvements on "Scan for missing Translations" functionality
- Docker:
- Added Docker container files for local development/testing
- Includes PHP8.3, Apache and the necessary dependencies
- See /docker/ for more information
- Translations:
- Language packs regenerated for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese
- Download via
- Refactored core session support to httponly and samesite properties
- Added support to set the values from as environment variables. If set, these override the file. See docker/PHP8.3/common/.env for the available variables
- Fixed issue with related files not displaying as expected when previewing a file
- Fixed issue with downgrade accounts emails not being sent on later PHP versions (create_email_notifications.cron.php)

- New Browser Extension
- Quickly search & access files, copy multiple file & folder links and download files directly
- New admin area section to manage the plugin settings and preview the extension
- New front-end pages for users to download the extensions and view installation documentation
- Support for Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Opera browsers
- Backblaze, Contabo, DigitalOcean, Filebase, Minio, S3 Storage, Wasabi
- Added support for artifact storage and retrieval
- Fixed issue where files with special characters caused the direct download URLs to error
- Media Converter
- Added support to convert to multiple video sizes, including 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k
- Added different bitrate depending on video size, results in much lower file sizes on smaller videos
- Added "threads" option in plugin settings to speed up video conversion
- Added "framerate" option in plugin settings
- Added support for video watermarks greater than 65kb in length
- Moved video poster storage to artifact storage for multi-server support
- Fixed issue in some video posters/thumbs which caused top and bottom black bands to be converted white
- Refactored process_converter_queue.cron.php script to use core file content get/setters
- Removed dependency on direct PDO usage, now using core Database class
- Various performance improvements
- Voucher Reseller
- Added missing translations
- Various performance and UI improvements
- Rewards
- Changed all user drop-down filters to dynamic lookups within the admin area. Improves page performance with a large volume of users
Other notes for v5.6.0:

- There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.6.0.sql

Please see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.

Thanks for your continued support!