Yetishare Plugin giveaway
  1. Let's start by installing FireBug for FireFox. Click on the main menu and then "Add-ons" -> "Get Add-ons"
  2. Search for "FireBug", click install and reload your browser
  3. Now lets use FireBug to view and test edit the css of your file upload script
  4. In this example we will change the navigation menu. Right click on it and go to "Inspect Element with FireBug"
  5. On the left you will see the HTML, on the right you will see the CSS
  6. Let's change the colour of the font to blue. Click on the required CSS code and edit the hex color followed by enter.
  7. We can also add lines of CSS. In this example we will edit the size of the font
  8. You can also turn certain lines off and on again by clicking on the symbol as shown
  9. Please note that any changes made in FireBug are not saved. Simply refresh the page to reset any alterations made
  10. You can however find the location of the code you need to edit as by hovering over the text shown
  11. You can also find the paths to the images by right clicking and selecting "Inspect Element with FireBug"