Yetishare Plugin giveaway
  1. This tutorial will be in two parts. The first will be how to install a plugin from new, the second will be how to upgrade a plugin
  2. To add a plugin, lets start by going to our admin area followed by "Plugins" > "Add Plugin"
  3. Now we need to click "Browse" and upload our plugin zip file downloaded from YetiShare
  4. Clicking "install" will activate the plugin and redirect you to the configuration options for that particular plugin.
  5. On the plugin settings page, press "Submit" when are you done to finish the installation of the plugin.
  6. If you're upgrading an existing plugin, we'll now learn how to update to a newer version. Note: Ensure you create a backup of your existing install
  7. Open the "plugins" folder of our file sharing script install, followed by the folder for the required plugin
  8. First make a note of the plugin version number found in "", version 3 in our example
  9. Next we need to update our database if required. If it exists, import the file (depending on version) from the "offline" > "upgrade_sql_statements" of your newly downloaded plugin
  10. Note: Not all plugins will require a database or SQL update. You must also update the database depending on version number to and from.
  11. Now we have to simply upload the new plugin files to our existing plugin folder via FTP. These will go to "/plugins/[plugin_name]/"